Finish 6 Pro

Protect Cotton Profits at Harvest

Product Information

Finish® 6 Pro harvest aid is the only hormonal cotton defoliant and boll opener premix available. It naturally accelerates leaf drop and boll opening, so you can harvest a cleaner, higher-quality crop three to five days faster.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Plant Performance - As the only hormonal defoliant and boll opener premix, Finish 6 Pro sets up cotton plants for successful, quick and natural defoliation, without the harsh side effects of desiccants.
  • Enduring Field Performance - Reduces the amount of time lint is vulnerable to damage from wind and weather.
  • Preserving Lint Quality - Provides a faster and easier harvest with less risk of leaf grade and color discounts, which helps preserve fiber quality and protect profits.
  • The Perfect Tankmix - For performance in challenging weather conditions, add Ginstar® cotton defoliant to your tankmix.

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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