Finish 6 Pro

Finish 6 Pro

After season-long crop management, harvest aids ready the crop for a clean, efficient harvest with minimal regrowth. Finish® 6 Pro and Ginstar® are two harvest aids designed by Bayer to maximize fiber quality and yield to improve profit potential.

Product Information

Finish 6 Pro harvest aid is the only hormonal cotton defoliant and boll opener premix.

Finish 6 Pro delivers superior boll opening while dropping green leaves and reducing terminal regrowth. It provides enhanced defoliation and opens bolls fast, so you can get your crop out of the field earlier, and accelerates defoliation and boll opening without the harsh side effects of desiccants.

"You’ve gone the entire year putting forth maximum effort on this crop. Make sure you put out the best material you can to prevent sticking leaves and maintain the quality of your crop. It will pay off because you’ll get better leaf grades and better color grades."
-  Heath Reeves, Bayer Regional Agronomist


  • Open Bolls Faster: Open bolls fast without the harsh side effects of desiccants and PPO-type defoliants.
  • Preserves Quality: Faster opening reduces the amount of time lint is vulnerable to damage from wind and weather, preserving fiber quality and protecting profits.
  • Reduced Risk: Faster, more gentle opening reduces the risk of leaf grade and color discounts.

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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