Success Stories

“One-pass post fits our system better for getting everything planted and then coming back with a sprayer. The early post fits my time schedule better. I also like the idea of the early post if we get corn in early. If I have to switch that field to beans, I still have that option to do that if I haven’t applied my post product yet. If I have already applied a pre-emergence, I have to go back to corn.”

Mark Benjamin
Williamston, MI

“You get a little skeptical about the reality of one-pass herbicides working. You really wonder if it is true or not. We knew we had a problem here and we decided to try Capreno. Since we had a bad field, we wanted to see if Capreno lasted and how it would turn out. Now I’m convinced. I would not be afraid to do it again. Seeing is believing.”

“Capreno really works well. We applied it with the grasses being up 1 inch or so. It killed the grasses and had good residual all season long. Definitely try it because I think you will be happy with it.”

Todd Steffen
Ogilvie, MN

“Capreno works. You can post with it and it takes care of your weed and grass problems. It doesn’t hurt the corn. It didn’t stunt or burn the corn. You don’t want something that will set corn back.”

“From May 1 until the end of June, we had 26.5 inches of rain in this area. We were lucky to get the corn sprayed between rains. It worked. You can see out that there are no weeds in the field.”

Butch Lincoln
Springport, MI

“Callisto® can stunt. ... It doesn’t really burn, but it can stunt the corn a little bit. Capreno and Laudis® don’t have that effect that we’ve seen. It is mainly on head land overlap. No matter how hard you try to be accurate, you’re still going to have 3 to 4 feet where you are turning booms on and off that you may have overlap. Capreno and Laudis are much safer products in that way.”

“Capreno is more active and longer lasting. You don’t have to use other things with it. It can be just the rate of Capreno and a pound of atrazine. ... It will carry the whole year.”

Arne Rauvola
Cannon Falls, MN

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