effective weed scouting

Improve corn herbicide programs through effective weed scouting

Efficient weed scouting in corn can help better manage herbicide programs that limit the spread of invasive weeds and keep pressure low each season. // more

Coruvus reactivation

The Unique Power of Reactivation

Find out how Corvus® herbicide can deliver consistent season-long weed control thanks to the unique power of reactivation. // more

low use rate

Benefits of Low Use Rates

A product use rate might not be the No. 1 factor you consider when choosing your herbicide program. But it might garner more attention than you realize. A lower use rate means less labor is involved with application. In turn, you have more opportunities to focus on other elements of your operation. // more

$42,000 down the drain

Protect your Bottom Line

Maximizing yield and profitability isn’t straightforward. However, there’s a fairly simple 1-2 combination that can help you do just that. It’s modeled after your two-pass herbicide program, but takes into account more than your herbicide choices. // more

DiFlexx DUO

Take a Zero-Tolerance Approach to Weed Control

Control weeds by starting strong and keeping your fields weed-free all the way through canopy with the 1-2 punch of Corvus® and DiFlexx® DUO herbicides. // more

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