Not All Glyphosate Products Are Created Equal

On the surface, many generic glyphosate products may seem like a budget-friendly weed control solution. Explore the differences between Roundup® brand herbicide and generic competitors, and discover the real deal in weed control.

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More Coverage

Some generic glyphosate products promote a lower cost per gallon, but they often have a lower Acid Equivalent (A.E.) than Roundup brand herbicides. A.E. is the measure that defines efficacy; the higher the A.E., the better the weed control. So though you might initially pay less for generics with a lower A.E. you’ll likely have to apply them at a higher rate for effective control, which can increase costs and take up more room in the tank.

Roundup PowerMAX has a spray rate of 32 oz./A and 750 gallons for 3,000-acre farms and generic brands have a spray rate of 48 oz./A and 1,125 gallons for a 3,000-acre farm

Kills Weeds Faster

Roundup brand herbicide is fully loaded with a premium surfactant formulation that allows for increased spreading, retention and absorption of the glyphosate, resulting in fast and complete weed control.

Roundup kills weeds faster than generic glyphosate

Consistent Product Every Time

Roundup brand herbicide is the real deal because quality and consistency is a big deal to us. With our product made in the USA, we provide in-depth quality checks from the time the product is mined in Idaho and manufactured in Louisiana and Iowa, to the time the product hits the shelves. So you can be sure the product you’re using is consistent from jug to jug.

Roundup is made is the USA, goes through in-depth quality checks and is always consistent in your fields

More Ways to Save

Not only are Roundup brand agricultural herbicides the real deal in weed control, they are the ONLY glyphosate brand that can qualify you for additional savings through the Bayer PLUS® incentive program.

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