Generic Glyphosate Products Don’t Always Measure Up

Don’t be fooled by claims made on generic glyphosate labels. Lower use rates don’t always measure up when it comes to effective weed control and value.

Acid Equivalency (A.E.) is the measure that defines efficacy; the higher the A.E., the better the weed control.

Roundup® brand glyphosate-only agricultural herbicides offer powerful, consistent weed control and unsurpassed value.

  • RT 3®  herbicide contains 4.5# A.E./Gallon
  • Many generic glyphosate formulations contain only 3.0# A.E./Gallon, so the rates must be 1.5 times higher to equal the same A.E. per acre

RT3 acid equivalent & equivalent rates compared to generic products table

RT3 herbicide product information table

Generic Glyphosate Labeling Rates Can be Confusing

Some generic glyphosate brands promote lower application rates; however, those rates can increase quickly when attempting to maintain efficacy and practice good stewardship.

  • Some generic brands will promote A.I. (active ingredient) vs. A.E. (acid equivalent)
  • The higher use rates needed for effective control with most generics can result in higher application rates that can increase costs and take up more room in the tank

Grower on tractor applying RT3 herbicide in field for weed control

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