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TriVolt™ Herbicide
Weed Control for Visibly Clean Fields

Consistently High Weed Control for Visibly Clean Fields.

Built with a proprietary formula, TriVolt herbicide delivers consistently high weed control for visibly clean fields.

TriVolt™ Herbicide Key Benefits

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Consistently High Weed Control
Controls a broad spectrum of corn grass and broadleaf weeds.
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Yield Protection
Season-long weed control helps protect yield.
Clean Fields
Keeps fields clean for up to eight weeks, even in variable weather conditions.
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3 Active Ingredients
TriVolt™ contains three different active ingredients: flufenacet, isoxaflutole and thiencarbazone-methyl.
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Flexible Application Window
Flexible application window from preplant burndown, preemergence and after corn emergence through the two-leaf collar growth stage (V2).

Effective Against

Common lambsquarters
Common ragweed
Common waterhemp
Crabgrass species
Fall panicum
Foxtail species
Palmer amaranth

Registered Crops

Use & Mixing

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