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Leverage® 360 Insecticide
Two Modes of Action against Pests

Give Your Soybeans and Cotton a Full Circle of Protection

Leverage® 360 insecticide has two modes of action against sucking and chewing pests — one delivers fast knockdown, the other extends residual control. Leverage 360 with Stress Shield™ protection helps plants stay vigorous for greater yields. Leverage 360 is a restricted use pesticide.

Leverage 360 Key Benefits

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Two Modes of Action
Offers both contact and translaminar activity for rapid knockdown and residual protection
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Powerful Control
Protects soybeans, potatoes and other crops from sucking and chewing pests
green seedling and small checkmark inside green circle icon
Stress Shield Protection
Enhances the crops' ability to handle a variety of biotic and abiotic stresses, thereby maximizing yields

Effective Against

Soybean aphids
Stink bugs

Registered Crops


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