Velum Total

Best ROI From the Ground Up

Protect Peanuts and Cotton with Velum® Total

With two active ingredients, Velum Total sets a new standard in control of nematodes and early-season insects. The nematode control provided by Velum Total enhances root health and helps establish strong growth in peanuts and cotton. The early-season insect control decreases the need for additional foliar sprays to regulate damaging pests.

Advantages – Cotton

  • Increased yield. Multi-year tests show fields treated with Velum Total yield higher than fields planted with only a seed treatment. The higher the pest pressure, the greater the impact. Velum Total manages early-season, economically damaging pests:
    • Controls nematodes, including root-knot and reniform
    • Combats early-season pests, like thrips
    • Suppresses diseases, such as Fusarium wilt
  • Profit. Plants treated with Velum Total have more roots, exhibit strong early-season growth and stay healthier through the season. Early-season insect control reduces the need for foliar sprays, which saves you time and money.
  • Convenience. Applied in-furrow, at-plant, the innovative formula allows for variable rate and site-specific application, increasing the opportunity for profit through customized treatment. Growers who use drip irrigation can apply Velum Total through chemigation.

Velum Total Shows Positive Return

Velum Total Shows Positive Return

Source: University of Georgia, Tifton, Gibbs Farm, 2016

Advantages – Peanuts

  • Wide-spectrum, long-lasting control. Fields treated with Velum Total are less likely to need foliar sprays to control early-season pests.
  • Systemic protection. Velum Total protects from the inside out, from the roots to the leaves.
  • Customized treatment. The innovative formula can be applied in variable rate and site-specific applications to focus treatment where pressure is highest.
  • Increased root health. By protecting the roots from pests, Velum Total promotes early plant establishment and increased root heath.
  • Lowered incidence of peanut disease. Velum Total suppresses the most troublesome peanut diseases, including white mold, leaf spots and CBR.

Support Strong Stands with Velum Total

Georgia field trial

As demonstrated in this Georgia field trial, Velum Total promotes strong stands and early-season root and plant growth by protecting young plants and roots from nematodes and insects and by suppressing disease.

Source: Bayer, 2017

“Using Velum Total is exciting for many reasons. It shows a recognition on the grower’s part that there’s a potential for a nematode problem and when you invest money into that problem, it is more than compensated for in the end.”
Bob Kemerait, Plant Pathologist, University of Georgia

Key Pests

  • Aphids
  • Leafhoppers
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Nematodes
  • Plant Bugs

Registered Crops

  • Cotton
  • Peanuts

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