Today’s progressive cotton and soybean growers demand the best traits and technology to optimize production and profitability. This starts with choosing the right variety for the right field to get the right yield.

Risk management is an essential step in the variety selection process. A major component in this step is to know which cotton traits you need to manage insect and weed pests.

Easily compare the traits of FiberMax® and Stoneville® cotton varieties and Credenz® soybean varieties with the Bayer Variety Selector Tool™. Enter information about your field, and the tool creates a list of varieties with the attributes for your field.

Cotton Traits

GlyTol® – Proven Glyphosate Flexibility

GlyTol® trait technology delivers season-long, in-plant tolerance to glyphosate herbicide. The GlyTol trait keeps crops safe from any brand of glyphosate labeled for cotton. GlyTol gives growers a wide window for postemergence applications and additional trait combinations. GlyTol is available in high-yielding, premium quality FiberMax and Stoneville varieties across U.S. cotton geographies.

LibertyLink® – Get Real Yields with the LibertyLink System

Choose Liberty® and LibertyLink® to optimize yield with high-performing germplasm and proven weed control traits for real yield. The LibertyLink system is simply a better weed control solution so you don’t lose yield from weed pressure. Growers optimize yield and quality potential by planting FiberMax and Stoneville varieties and maximize weed control with the power of the LibertyLink trait.

TwinLink® – Worm Control with TwinLink 

TwinLink® cotton technology offers season-long Bt protection for effective management of major lepidopteran pests, such as tobacco budworm, pink bollworm, fall armyworm, cotton bollworm and beet armyworm. TwinLink offers two Bayer proprietary genes for the Bt proteins Cry1Ab and Cry2Ae.

TwinLink Plus – Triple Your Worm Protection

TwinLink Plus cotton technology provides season-long, triple-stacked Bt protection against worm pests. TwinLink Plus offers three Bt proteins (Cry1Ab, Cry2Ae and Vip3Aa19) for greater technology durability and improved insect resistance management. TwinLink Plus provides improved control over cotton bollworm and armyworms, including fall armyworm, compared to two-gene Bt technologies.

Soybean Traits

Balance GT and Balance Bean

Crop Science and MS Technologies have collaborated to develop a new soybean system to help growers achieve improved weed control. The Balance™ GT Soybean Performance System is a double herbicide tolerant trait stack featuring a new form of glyphosate tolerance for soybeans, coupled with tolerance to Balance® Bean herbicide. Balance GT will be brought to the market in high-yielding elite genetics for premium performance.

Balance GT* is expected to launch in selected soybean markets. It is fully approved for cultivation and use in the United States, and has also received approvals in other key importing countries.

Crop Science anticipates that Balance Bean* herbicide will be registered for use on soybeans. The Balance Bean label request submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that Balance Bean will be approved for use in burndown and residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds, including those resistant to other herbicide chemistries.

*Balance Bean is not yet registered for sale or use in the United States. Balance GT is deregulated in the United States and authorized in some key importing countries. Additional international authorizations are pending.


Crop Science and Syngenta are co-developing MGI, a new herbicide tolerance trait for soybeans that will bring second generation HPPD tolerance to market later this decade, pending all necessary regulatory approvals. MGI herbicide tolerance technology provides pre-emergence tolerance to mesotrione and isoxaflutole, plus postemergence tolerance to Liberty. The new trait will broaden the herbicide options available to soybean growers by offering tolerance to Callisto® and Balance herbicides, the leading HPPD inhibitor products.

MGI technology will substantially improve soybean productivity and sustainability of weed control practices because it will allow growers to use more effective, residual herbicides that offer maximum flexibility. MGI herbicide tolerance will enable soybean growers to use two powerful modes of action, which offers more options to control challenging weeds and manage resistance. Additionally, this trait will maintain soybean yield and agronomic performance.

Weed Management

Bayer develops and provides trait platforms that ensure growers of today and tomorrow have access to effective and sustainable weed management tools and practice. We offer a broad portfolio of innovative, integrated weed management solutions for productive and sustainable farms. We encourage growers to follow the principles of Integrated Weed Management (IWM), which will help protect these important herbicide-tolerant trait platforms for years to come.

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