What is Aeris® Seed-Applied Insecticide/Nematicide Seed Treatment?

Aeris is an insecticide/nematicide seed treatment for cotton that provides improved seedling health, increased grower production flexibility and the broadest spectrum available of plant protection against early season insects, including thrips, aphids and moderate populations of nematodes. Aeris offers solutions to growers with a new generation of seed-applied technology that is designed for today’s cotton crop production needs. Aeris offers convenience, proven protection and flexibility — growers can tailor the system to their individual production practices.

What pest spectrum can Aeris protect against?

Depending on local conditions, Aeris provides up to 28 days of thrips and cutworm protection; up to 42 days of aphid, fleahopper and plant bug protection; and up to 28 days of nematode protection on fields with low to moderate populations.

Where can I purchase Aeris?

The components of Aeris are premixed in an in-can formulation. You can purchase Aeris through all major cottonseed companies or your local dealer when you place your seed order. At this time, you can also request your choice of a premium fungicide, such as Trilex® Advanced

I tried Avicta® last year and was not satisfied with its nematode performance. Will Aeris provide better performance?

Aeris provides a broader spectrum of early season insect protection compared to Avicta, but all currently available seed treatments have a reduced level and shorter length of nematode protection compared to Temik® insecticide/ nematicide. To ensure you are integrating the best management approach to your nematode problems, you may need to re-evaluate your production practices. Your local Crop Science field representative can help evaluate your situation and recommend the production tool that best suits your needs.

Can I expect a better stand by using Aeris?

Aeris has the added benefit of protection against cutworms, which can reduce stands.

Avicta Duo contains a fungicide - why doesn't Aeris?

Only Aeris offers growers the added flexibility of choice. Growers decide whether they want to add Trilex Advanced or another fungicide from their local dealer. Growers should consult with their local Extension agent, dealer, consultant or Crop Science field representative for recommendations about using an additional fungicide treatment.

How does Aeris differ from Avicta?

Although both Aeris and Avicta contain a second nematicidal component, the nematicidal component of Aeris also provides additional insect protection (thrips and cutworms) above that of Avicta.

Does Crop Science recommend adding a premium fungicide package with Aeris?

Depending on planting date, crop rotation and field disease history, Crop Science recommends using Trilex Advanced with Aeris.

When should I use Aeris? Is it appropriate to apply both Temik and Aeris?

Your Crop Science field representative can help you design the appropriate management strategy that best meets your local production practices and pest management needs.

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