Success Stories

“I’m pleased at how Aeris has controlled thrips. Normally, we have to spray for thrips, but we didn’t have to do it this year. That was a pleasant surprise. I think the Aeris chemistry is what makes a difference. I’m not sure what part of that chemistry is causing this, but I like the results. This is another good choice for farmers, and that’s always a nice situation.”

Terry Mize
Saint Joseph, Louisiana

“Visually there were more plants in the Aeris treated area versus the check. There’s barely a stand in the check with 1 plant every 3 or 4 feet. My cotton scout said we didn’t realize what we weren’t getting before. There’s a tremendous difference, and if we would have planted the whole field with the check, we would have had to replant the entire field.”

John King
Brownsville, TN

“The Aeris/Trilex Advanced treated cotton visually looks much better. It grew off better and has an improved stand, which makes our decision for PGR applications easier later in the season because we can apply one base rate and not worry about applying too much or too little in areas throughout the field. It also helps with our defoliation process because we do not have to wait on spots in the field to mature, which allows us to get in the field and get the crop out.​”

Billy Beegle
Dyersburg, TN

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