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Product Information

Aeris® seed-applied insecticide/nematicide for cottonseed represents advanced technology tailored for today’s crop production. With Aeris, growers benefit from the broadest seed-applied spectrum of protection against early-season insect and nematode pressures, thus establishing healthier, stronger seedlings and root systems.

In university research trials and extension trials across the Cotton Belt, cotton treated with Aeris showed lower thrips damage and higher yield than cotton treated with base fungicide.

University Thrips Trial photo demonstrating results showing crops treated with Aeris fungicie yielding larger plants

Protection from Leading Yield Robbers

Thrips can cause delays in fruiting, resulting in yield reductions of more than 100 lb. Lint/A, according to a Mississippi State University Extension report. Cotton is most susceptible to thrips damage from emergence through the four-leaf stage. Aeris delivers the highest level and length of thrips protection of any seed treatment during this time frame, providing up to 28 days of protection.

Aeris also has a unique pest spectrum activity, which includes nematodes, fleahoppers, plant bugs and aphids. In addition, Aeris offers protection against cutworms which can cause severe damage to early-season cotton and are commonly found in no-till and minimum-till cropping systems.

Pair Aeris with Trilex® Advanced for the most complete protection against early season insects, nematodes and disease pressures.

Key Benefits

  • Effective thrips protection – only solution in the market with two classes of chemistry and two effective modes of action against thrips. This protection enables fewer sprays, higher production and a greater return potential at the end of the season.
  • Early-season protection – Aeris helps establish healthier, strong seedlings and root systems by protecting against early-season insect and nematode pressures.
  • Increased yields – trials have shown average yield increases of 95 lb. Lint/A when using Aeris compared to a fungicide base.

Key Pests

  • Aphid
  • Thrips
  • Cutworm
  • Nematode

Registered Crops

  • Cotton

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