Broad-Spectrum Weed Protection

Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets

Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets​

Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets offer tolerance to Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides for unsurpassed broad-spectrum weed control and proven crop safety at all growth stages.


Unsurpassed Weed Control

Roundup Ready Sugarbeets, in combination with Roundup brand agricultural herbicides, provide proven control of key weeds that compete for nutrients, soil moisture and light with Bayer Plus Rewards.

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Increased Weed Control Flexibility

Roundup Ready Sugarbeets allow for applications of Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide and Roundup PowerMAX® herbicide from planting up to 30 days prior to harvest.

In addition to a wide application window, Roundup brand agricultural herbicides have no carryover or crop rotation restrictions and work without soil incorporation.

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Reduced Labor Costs

Roundup Ready Sugarbeets help reduce weed management costs while increasing farming efficiency, flexibility and profitability potential.

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