Movento - A Systemic Solution for Multipest Management

May 10, 2022

Research conducted by Crop Science confirms that the long-lasting, two-way systemic activity of Movento® is key to a comprehensive pest management strategy. Its systemic activity allows Movento to move both from leaf to leaf and leaf to roots, as opposed to other insecticides that only move from roots to leaves. This added downward movement allows Movento to manage difficult pests below ground.

"Movento is fully systemic and moves from the leaves to wherever the plant is actively growing, including the root system."
– Krishna Bayyareddy, Ph.D, Agronomics Solutions Manager - Insecticides

How Movento Works

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Nematode Activity

Because they lurk below ground, nematodes can cause extensive crop damage and can be difficult to manage. Potato yield and quality are reduced by defects – external and internal – caused by nematodes directly and by the diseases they transmit. Nematicides typically have required application prior to or at planting. Today, however, growers can augment their nematode management programs by adding foliar applications of Movento, which reduce nematode populations, resulting in improved quality and increased yields.

"The research concluded that Movento has nematicidal activity on root knot and root lesion nematodes, thus preventing yield reductions."
– Dr. Saad Hafez, nematologist, University of Idaho

Dr. Saad Hafez, a nematologist with the University of Idaho, has seen significant activity on root knot and lesion nematode species. His studies found that, when applied at tuber initiation and again 14 days later, Movento reduced the percentage of potatoes infected with Columbia root knot nematodes. When incorporated into a grower’s management program, Movento will improve the quality and yield of the crop.

Aphid and Psyllid Activity

Green peach aphid and potato psyllid populations must be managed from the time the plant emerges through harvest to prevent PVY/PLR virus transmission from aphids. Today, growers in the Pacific Northwest are facing a new disease problem transmitted by psyllids – zebra chip disease. Because of its excellent residual nymph control, Movento is considered a cornerstone to a mid-summer psyllid control program in production areas that have dealt with psyllids for years. Combined with Admire® Pro at planting, good scouting and adulticide control products as needed, aphid and psyllid populations are kept in check and diseases are managed.

"The beauty of Movento is that it is active on so many pests that you just fit it into a program for your primary targets, and then you know other pests will be controlled, too.”
- Kelly Luff, Crop Science technical service representative

Bottom Line

Movento is a highly effective foliar systemic tool for the management of above-ground and below-ground pests in potatoes. To learn more about Movento, please contact your local Bayer representative.

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