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Product Information

Movento® insecticide is a revolutionary insecticide, offering truly unique two-way movement both upward and downward within plant tissue to protect against above and below ground pests, including nematodes. With its allover plant protection, Movento also protects against the diseases associated with key pests such as potato leaf roll virus, potato virus Y, zebra chip disease, corky ringspot virus and Verticillium wilt.

The result is improved root health and higher-quality potatoes. For greater nematode protection and higher yields, use Movento with Velum® Prime (V+M Solution) as part of your nematode management program.

Key Benefits

  • Suppression of Nematodes – Including root-knot, lesion, dagger and stubby species.
  • Excellent Pest Management – Controls a broad range of pests and the diseases associated with them, including potato leaf roll virus, zebra chip disease and Verticillium wilt.
  • Two-way Movement – Moves up and down within the plant for pest control above and below the ground.
  • Long-lasting Protection – Offers a high level of residual efficacy and protects new foliage, root and tuber growth.
  • Effective Pest Reduction – Movento manages adult female pests, reducing fecundity and limiting the survival of their offspring, therefore providing more effective overall reduction of pest pressure.
  • Unique Chemistry – Movento has a unique mode of action that becomes active when ingested by insect, mite and nematode pests that feed on treated plants.

Key Pests

  • Aphids
  • Psyllids
  • Mites
  • Nematodes
  • Wireworms

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