About the Channel® Brand

Committed to Your Success

What makes the Channel® brand different from other seed brands? We believe it is the partnership we build with you.

As a Channel farmer, you’ll experience this partnership through the Channel® Field Check Up Series — backed by the Climate FieldView™ platform — where your Channel Seedsman will make observations about your specific conditions, listen to your needs and give tailored recommendations throughout the season and beyond.

Our commitment is supported by three core pillars:

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Leading-Edge SolutionsAt Channel® seed brand, we understand the importance of providing our farmers with best-in-class products, systems and digital tools that help advance your farm forward for generations to come.
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Connected to YouOur core values revolve around true connectedness. We are dedicated to serving you and your farming operations. By understanding your goals and field conditions, we strive to build strong relationships with our local communities to better address your needs.
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Next-Level ExperienceWe take pride in delivering a next-level customer experience focused entirely on you. Anticipating your needs is at the heart of what we do. We go beyond just meeting your expectations — we recommend actionable strategies to help you achieve your vision and exceed your goals.

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See how a Channel Seedsman will walk your fields and provide customized recommendations based on your specific conditions.

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