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A Next-Level Experience that Sets Channel® Apart. Your Channel Seedsman.

What makes a Channel Seedsman so special? When you work with Channel you get more than a salesman, you get expert advice and customized service that can only come from a Seedsman being on your farm, assessing growing conditions and diagnosing challenges through the Channel® Field Check Up Series. That's a Channel Seedsman.

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What Are You Missing Without a Seedsman by Your Side

A Trusted Partner Focused on Your Success.

It's why our next-level experience starts with a face-to-face discussion between you and your Channel Seedsman. By taking the time to listen and understand your needs, as well as walk your fields and check in often, your Seedsman can leverage their local knowledge and expertise to deliver customized recommendations based on your individual field conditions. Our commitment to working with you year-round is what truly sets Channel apart from other seed brands.

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Grain Marketing

Get exclusive access to expert grain marketing information and tools — backed by Channel grain marketing consultant Matt Bennett — that help you better understand the markets so you can continue to maximize your profit potential after harvest.

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