IPM Potato Portfolio — Stage 2:

Planting & Emergence

After you’ve considered your potato seed treatment, set your new potato seedlings up for success with an agronomic force field using Bayer products. Below, learn about managing early dying, root lesion nematodes and other key diseases like early blight.

Generations of Nematodes Feed on Potato Yield

Nematodes damage the quality and size of tubers and can cause up to 90-percent yield loss. Controlling nematodes helps create healthy plants and improve profitability.
New Product Spotlight

Velum® Rise Fungicide/Nematicide for Potatoes

Meet the newest member on the Force in the Field team – Velum® Rise defends against key soil-borne diseases like rhizoctonia and black dot (and suppresses nematodes, too) throughout the entire season.

Promo Tools of Velum® Rise Fungicide/Nematicide for Potatoes

Product Showcase – Planting & Emergence

InsecticideAdmire® Pro Systemic Protectant*
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  • Broad-Spectrum Control
  • Effective Technology
  • Reliable Pest Management Tool
FungicideMinuet™ Biological Fungicide
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  • Specifically designed for soil application
  • Low use rate
  • Supports early plant establishment and increasing vigor in fruiting vegetables
  • Helps increase the uniformity of potatoes, sugarbeets and carrots
Nematicide/FungicideVelum® Prime Nematicide
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  • Root health protection to help establish the crop
  • Maximize yield potential
  • Wide-spectrum nematicidal activity
  • Suppression of key diseases

* Product is eligible for the Bayer PLUS Potato program.

Bayer PLUS Potato

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.

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