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Velum® Rise Fungicide/Nematicide

For potato growers to apply in-furrow or pre-plant to help provide higher yield through suppression of nematodes and diseases such as Rhizoctonia and black dot.

Lay the Foundation for a Great Season

  • Defends against key soil-borne diseases like Rhizoctonia and black dot in potatoes.
  • Suppresses nematodes throughout the entire season for nematode protection.
  • Combines penflufen and fluopyram for powerful, wide-spectrum protection.
  • In-furrow application gives a strong start to the season.
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The New Building Block in the Force in the Field

Velum® Rise potato fungicide is the newest member in a line of crop protection products designed to ensure your potatoes growth throughout their first 75 days when they are most vulnerable to pests and disease. Check out the full portfolio to see how you can stack your defenses for a strong season.

Promo Tools of The New Building Block in the Force in the Field

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