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2024 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest

For our farmers, high yields are grown from even higher standards. The same holds true for DEKALB® brand. Rising above the best is what makes us both champions.

Champions are made here.

Ready to take the lead? You came to the right place.

Your path to success begins here. Entry is now open.

Never settling means always competing. It’s time to rise above the best and enter the 2024 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest. In addition to bragging rights, you could also win $10,000 and a trip to the 2025 Commodity Classic. The farmer entry deadline is Aug. 14, 2024, and the harvest data entry deadline is Nov. 30, 2024. Set the new standard of a champion.

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Promo Tools of Your path to success begins here. Entry is now open.

Will you find yourself on this list of champions?

Here are our previous winners, where they come from and what products they grew.

Name National Rank Field State Class Brand Yield 
Kevin Kalb 1 IN B:  Conventional Non-Irrigated** DKC68-35RIB 425.86
Alex Harrell 2 GA H: Strip-Till, Minimum-Till, Mulch-Till, Ridge-Till Irrigated DKC68-95 401.94
Shawn Kalb 1 IN D: No-Till Non-Irrigated** DKC66-06RIB 399.78
Heath Cutrell 1 VA A: Conventional Non-Irrigated DKC68-35RIB 396.12
Temple Rhodes 1 MD I: Conventional Irrigated DKC63-91RIB 375.68
JR Newcomb 2 VA I: Conventional Irrigated DKC68-35RIB 366.26
Naaman Cullers 3 MO I: Conventional Irrigated DKC68-35RIB 363.52
Rhylan Kalb 1 IN F: Strip-Till, Minimum-Till, Mulch-Till, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated** DKC66-06RIB 363.12
Troy Uphoff 2 IL B:  Conventional Non-Irrigated** DKC64-21RIB 362.5
Joshua Watson 2 TN A: Conventional Non-Irrigated DKC67-44RIB 344.9
Corey Farrens 3 OH B:  Conventional Non-Irrigated** DKC63-91RIB 340.47
Kelly Padgett 1 KY C: No-Till Non-Irrigated  DKC68-35RIB 337.32
Steve Van Bogaert 2 WI D: No-Till Non-Irrigated** DKC63-91RIB 327.94
James Justice 2 WV C: No-Till Non-Irrigated  DKC62-08 324.90
Trent Uphoff 3 IL D: No-Till Non-Irrigated** DKC65-84RIB 324.84
Don Jackson 3 OH F: Strip-Till, Minimum-Till, Mulch-Till, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated** DKC66-06RIB 324.7
Julia Rigdon 3 MD C: No-Till Non-Irrigated  DKC59-82RIB 324.55
Jeff Koelzer 3 KS E: Strip-Till, Minimum-Till, Mulch-Till, Ridge-Till Non-Irrigated DKC68-35RIB 322.37
Name National Rank Field State Class Brand Yield
Heath A. Cutrell 1 VA A DKC66-18RIB 394.0485
Drew Haines 1 MD C DKC68-69RIB 384.8359
Cory Atley 1 OH B DKC63-91RIB 366.3266
Carl Atley 2 OH B DKC63-91 365.5673
Kevin Kalb 1 IN F DKC65-99RIB 360.1445
Nikia B Kalb 1 IN D DKC67-94RIB 355.7383
Shawn Kalb 2 IN D DKC70-27RIB 350.0314
Rhylan Kalb 3 IN D DKC65-99RIB 350.0301
Temple Rhodes 3 MD H DKC63-91RIB 344.9377
Emmersen Kalb 3 IN B DKC67-94RIB 340.0538
Andrea Rigdon 1 MD E DKC63-91 324.9897
John Alexander Rigdon 2 MD AE DKC59-82RIB 324.7322
Chad Rigdon 2 MD G DKC62-70 324.0123
Chris Miltenberger 3 WV E DKC70-27RIB 323.9324
Joshua Will Watson 2 TN A DKC67-44RIB 319.3608
Marvin and Glenn Wiles 3 NE C DKC64-65RIB 313.0475
Sam Santini 3 NJ A DKC67-94RIB 312.5506

Name State Rank Field State Class County Brand Yield
Drew Haines 1 MD C Frederick DKC68-69RIB 384.8359
Cory Atley 1 OH B Greene DKC63-91RIB 366.3266
Carl Atley 2 OH B Greene DKC63-91 365.5673
Andrea Rigdon 1 MD E Harford DKC63-91 324.9897
Chad Rigdon 1 MD G Harford DKC62-70 324.0123
Chris Miltenberger 1 WV E Mineral DKC70-27RIB 323.9324
Bryan Crites 1 CO I Pueblo DKC63-91RIB 319.0843
Don Jackson 1 OH F Preble DKC63-91RIB 315.6142
Dale J Ockels 1 DE I Sussex DKC62-53RIB 315.1766
Braden Lee Short 1 IL B White DKC66-18RIB 315.1086
Ben Williams 1 VA C Augusta DKC65-20RIB 311.695
Alan Borton 2 OH F Clinton DKC70-27RIB 308.3881
Gary C Ockels 1 DE G Sussex DKC61-41RIB 306.38
Brian Tull 3 MD H Sussex DKC63-91RIB 304.2231
Ben Jackson 2 GA H Johnson DKC62-06 302.0818
Daniel Erickson 2 MN B Freeborn DKC63-90RIB 301.5154
David Gross 1 WA H Spokane DKC42-05RIB 300.3081
Colton Wischmeier 3 IN G Jackson DKC67-94RIB 300.1977
Bruce K Huber 1 ND A Lamoure DKC45-66RIB 299.8435
Betty Huber 2 ND E Lamoure DKC44-98RIB 298.8983
Alexis Nogosek 3 ND E Lamoure DKC44-98RIB 298.0232
Brian L Warpup 3 IN F Huntington DKC64-64RIB 296.4299
Alex Noll 1 KS I Jefferson DKC70-27RIB 295.3065
Ethan Straney 1 KY C Hardin DKC69-99RIB 294.8644
Chris Sobeck 1 MN D Winona DKC60-80RIB 293.8061
Erin K Reed 2 TN I Lincoln DKC67-44 293.3058
Brandon Salladay 2 MO D Boone DKC65-95RIB 292.881
Brad Schmidt 2 MO F Saint Charles DKC67-94RIB 291.2158
Cody Frauenberg 1 ND G Lamoure DKC47-27RIB 289.1263
Daniel H Garrick 1 SC G Orangeburg DKC63-91 288.5946
Brandy Winter 2 IA I Calhoun DKC64-64RIB 287.9828
Gary M Sobeck 3 MN F Winona DKC60-80RIB 284.553
Boe Clausen 2 WA I Grant DKC54-40RIB 283.8375
Elwin Tanner 3 TN I Obion DKC70-27RIB 283.5456
Bobby Frauenberg 2 ND I Lamoure DKC39-55RIB 282.3039
Ethan Tanner 1 TN H Obion DKC70-27RIB 282.0131
Dan Fohrman 2 MN D Olmsted DKC51-25RIB 280.5187
Deanna Sobeck 1 MN H Winona DKC59-82RIB 277.9805
Chase & Allan Harris 1 NC I Greene DKC68-69RIB 277.2802
Brad D Rill 2 MD C Carroll DKC70-27RIB 273.9881
Delbert Armstrong 1 NC E Beaufort DKC68-95 273.5452
Chris Smith 2 NC E Beaufort DKC68-95 273.2261
Adron Belk 1 MS I Leflore DKC70-27 272.3834
Betsy Belk 1 MS H Leflore DKC70-27 271.1354
Evan M Landis 2 MI G Saint Joseph DKC63-91RIB 269.7127
Charles Grantham 2 NC G Wake DKC62-70 265.1801
Angela M Dee 3 AL G Pickens DKC68-69 263.7049
Adam Long 1 WV G Shenandoah DKC70-27RIB 262.8982
Gerald Steffensmeier 1 NE A Colfax DKC59-82RIB 261.4357
Gary Swede 2 NY E Genesee DKC50-87RIB 259.5303
Bailey W Wolpert 3 WV C Putnam DKC70-27RIB 256.8495
Christopher Dietrich 2 FL G Jackson DKC62-08 250.6952
Gloria Gaspard 2 LA E Pointe Coupee DKC65-99 238.7872
Adam Dyer 2 AL C Marshall DKC64-35 203.4053
Caroline Pinto 1 VT H Rutland DKC44-97RIB 168.183


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