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2023 NCGA National Corn Yield Contest

Enter for a chance to win $10,000 and a trip to Commodity Classic in 2024

Champions are made here.

Ready to take the lead? You came to the right place.

How to begin the win.

Get the yields. Grab the crown. That’s how a championship season goes, and we want to make sure you’re in the action. Farmer entry deadline is 8/16/23 and harvest deadline is 11/30/23.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    Why enter the NCGA National Corn Yield Contest?
    What do I win?
    What do I need to enter?
    How do I enter?
    Will DEKALB® pay for my entry fee and NCGA membership fee?
    Is there a minimum Bu/A to enter?
    Can I enter myself, or does my rep have to do it?
    Can I see previous winners?
    What DEKALB® brand products perform best in the yield contest?

Will you find yourself on this list of champions?

Here are our previous winners, where they come from and what products they grew.

           Name National Rank Field State   Class             Brand Yield
Temple Rhodes 3 MD H   DKC63-91RIB 344.9377
Shawn Kalb 2 IN D   DKC70-27RIB 350.0314
Sam Santini 3 NJ A   DKC67-94RIB 312.5506
Rhylan Kalb 3 IN D   DKC65-99RIB 350.0301
Nikia B Kalb 1 IN D   DKC67-94RIB 355.7383
Marvin and Glenn Wiles 3 NE C   DKC64-65RIB 313.0475
Kevin Kalb 1 IN F   DKC65-99RIB 360.1445
Joshua Will Watson 2 TN A   DKC67-44RIB 319.3608
John Alexander Rigdon 2 MD AE   DKC59-82RIB 324.7322
Heath A. Cutrell 1 VA A
  DKC66-18RIB 394.0485
Emmersen Kalb 3 IN B   DKC67-94RIB 340.0538
Drew Haines 1 MD C   DKC68-69RIB 384.8359
Cory Atley 1 OH B   DKC63-91RIB 366.3266
Chris Miltenberger 3 WV E   DKC70-27RIB 323.9324
Chad Rigdon 2 MD G   DKC62-70 324.0123
Carl Atley 2 OH B
  DKC63-91 365.5673
Andrea Rigdon 1 MD E   DKC63-91 324.9897


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