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High-Quality Sorghum

Achieve high quality in your fields and high potential in your yields by planting DEKALB® grain sorghum seeds.

Seed With the Potential for Higher Performance

You can count on DEKALB® grain sorghum for excellent standability, exceptional threshability and advanced staygreen characteristics. We even have several varieties for sugarcane aphid management available.

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StandabilityAble to hold up against tough wind and weather conditions, DEKALB® grain sorghum has the standability required to maximize performance.
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ThreshabilityDEKALB® grain sorghum is bred to provide you exceptional threshability in order to provide you a greater return on investment.
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Staygreen CharacteristicsWith advanced staygreen characteristics, DEKALB® grain sorghum offers outstanding drought tolerance to maintain photosynthesis longer into the season, improving the potential for a higher yield at harvest.


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