Leoti Wheat Growers Are Winners of 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest

December 19, 2018

Horton Seed Services achieves winning yield with WestBred® wheat

ST. LOUIS (December 21, 2018) – A Wichita County, Kansas, family of wheat growers has been recognized for achieving one of the highest 2018 wheat yields in the country.

Ken Horton, who farms with sons Alec, Rick and Matt, has been named a winner of the National Wheat Foundation’s 2018 National Wheat Yield Contest. He has also won an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando, Florida, to attend the 2019 Commodity Classic, courtesy of the National Wheat Foundation and WestBred® wheat.

The Hortons took top national honors in the Winter Wheat – Irrigated category with WestBred variety WB-CEDAR, to which they attribute thier award-winning yield of 111.28 Bu/A — a yield that is 312.15 percent above their county average. The Hortons also took home a second-place state win in Kansas in their Winter Wheat – Irrigated category with WB4269. Along with planting WestBred varieties, the Hortons also own a seed business, Horton Seed Services.

“Wheat growers require high-performance varieties, ensuring they can continue to provide an abundant, quality crop,” says Dr. Jeff Koscelny, Global Wheat Commercial Strategy Lead and WestBred Wheat Business Lead. “Ken Horton, in partnership with his sons, achieved one of the highest wheat yields in the country this year, and we’re proud that he did so with a WestBred variety. The Hortons are undoubtedly leaders when it comes to managing their wheat crop. We look forward to celebrating his remarkable achievement at Commodity Classic this winter.”

The Hortons farm corn, wheat and milo. Wheat has been growing on their farm since the 1930s, and they’ve been planting WestBred wheat for about five years. WestBred has quickly become a favorite brand of the family.

“WB-CEDAR is tough, and it does what Kansas farmers need it to do,” says Alec Horton. “Because it’s short in stature, it has very good standability; it also has a good test weight. It’s become a popular choice for farmers in our area.”

The Hortons have enjoyed participating in the yield contest. “I’d suggest it to any farmer who’s looking to increase their yields and see what a variety can do,” says Alec. “Every year is different; the 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest will be anybody’s game.”

The National Wheat Yield Contest recognizes the top five growers within each sector with national honors. Winners were determined by evaluating the yield percentage increase above the USDA NASS county Olympic averages. Only first-place state winners within each sector compete for the national award.

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