Delaro® Complete Fungicide FAQ

Delaro Complete Product Overview

What is Delaro Complete fungicide

Delaro Complete is a new fungicide from Bayer that offers three unique modes of action in an advanced formulation to deliver excellent, broad-spectrum control of key corn and soybean diseases. Learn more about the benefits of Delaro Complete.

How does Delaro Complete work?

The three active ingredients within Delaro Complete offer individual, unique ways of working that protect crop yield and extend its protection in ways other fungicides can’t. Delaro Complete diffuses in and on the waxy surface of the plant. It then expands protection across the plant's exterior by moving via surface moisture, such as dew. Within the plant, Delaro Complete is transported systemically throughout plant tissue for enhanced coverage. Delaro Complete moves both on the inside and the outside of the plant.

Delaro Complete Product Specs

What are the active ingredients contained within Delaro Complete fungicide?

Delaro Complete contains three active ingredients. The first, fluopyram, is a group 7, or SDHI, which has activity on important diseases such as white mold, brown spot and gray leaf spot and significant plant health upsides. The second, prothioconazole, is a group 3, or triazole, which has a very broad and deep spectrum of disease control and activity. The third, trifloxystrobin, is a group 11, or strobilurin, that shows preventative activity on many diseases, and offers an array of plant health effects.

What diseases can I control with Delaro Complete?

Delaro Complete fungicide is formulated with three heavy-hitting modes of action, together maximizing activity of even the toughest diseases. In corn, Delaro Complete has excellent preventive and curative defenses against yield-robbing diseases including (but not limited to), tar spot, gray leaf spotnorthern corn leaf blightanthracnose leaf blight and southern rust. In soybeans, Delaro Complete defends against frogeye leaf spotbrown spot, aerial blight and white mold amongst others. Explore a more complete list of diseases Delaro® Complete controls.

What is the weight of the product?

The pounds per gallon of uncontained product in solution is 9.68.

What package sizes are available for Delaro Complete?

Delaro Complete is available in 2x2.5-gallon cases, 270-gallon totes and bulk.

What is the formulation of Delaro Complete?

Delaro Complete is a 458 Suspension Concentrate (SC). This concentrated formulation delivers the same active ingredient load of prothioconazole (branded as Proline®) and trifloxystrobin (branded as Flint® Extra) as Delaro, with the addition of fluopryram (branded as Luna® Privilege) per acre.

How is Delaro Complete better than other popular fungicide brands?

Delaro Complete has an improved active ingredient (AI) ratio. Delaro Complete now contains 2.8x the rate of Proline (compared to Stratego® YLD), same as Delaro and adds an SDHI, providing an even higher level of activity on myriad diseases like gray leaf spot, white mold and brown spot. This results in an outstanding broad spectrum of disease activity; excellent triple mode of action residual efficacy; improved plant health; and higher yield potential. With Delaro Complete, three broad-spectrum, long-lasting, overlapping chemistries are working against your important diseases for the entire spray interval, rather than one mode of action shouldering the biggest load, leading to shorter residual, decreased control and increased resistance potential.

How does Delaro Complete combat disease-resistance development?

Delaro Complete contains three powerful broad-spectrum modes of action in one product, which helps fight the important fungal diseases in corn and soybeans, even strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot. According to the Fungicide Resistance Action committee (FRAC), a specialist technical group of CropLife International, the best way to prevent and manage disease resistance is by using multiple modes of action in tank mixes at labeled rates. For complete application details, review the Delaro Complete fungicide label.

Delaro Complete Application and Use

When should I apply Delaro Complete?

This versatile fungicide has application flexibility in corn—at-tassel timing (VT to R2), in combination with an herbicide (V4 to V8) and/or in between (V10 to VT). In soybeans, the ideal time to first apply Delaro Complete is prior to development of most common diseases, between R1 and R3, with applications repeated as necessary. To manage white mold, apply prior to disease development, at R1, with a second treatment at R3. Learn more about application timing on the Delaro Complete fungicide label.

What is the use rate for Delaro Complete

Delaro Complete is labeled for 8-11oz/A in soybeans, and 8-12oz/A in corn, with a maximum use rate per season of 24oz/A.

How should I apply Delaro Complete?

High carrier volumes always improve coverage, which improves the efficacy of fungicides. Use at least 2 gallons of carrier by air, and 10 gallons by ground. “Flat fan” nozzle types are best, targeting a “fine” to “medium” droplet size.

What application methods can I use with Delaro Complete?

Delaro Complete fungicide can be applied by air, ground or chemigation and can be mixed with adjuvants, herbicides, insecticides and micronutrients for cost efficiency.  Review the Delaro Complete fungicide label for complete application instructions.

What is the Re-Entry Interval (REI) and Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI)?

The REI is 12 hours; the PHI for grain is 14 days. PHI for soybeans is 21 days.

Why should I plan a Delaro Complete fungicide application before disease appears on corn?

When it comes to addressing plant stress and disease, it’s important that you not take a “wait and see” approach, but instead consider planning ahead to protect your crop yield potential. Between V4 and V8, corn plants go through a critical growth period that greatly influences yield potential. Even if disease symptoms are not yet visible, an early season application of Delaro Complete can give your high-yielding hybrids the protection they need. Other benefits include healthier stalks and improved stress tolerance. Applications between VT and R2 will protect the photosynthetic potential of the plant through grain fill. Defending the leaves before damage from diseases is important because the plant is unable to produce new leaves to replace those handicapped or killed by pathogens.

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