Luna Fungicide Beautiful from Bud Break to Picking

From bud break until harvest, Luna® fungicide protects apples throughout the growing season, improving plant health for beautiful crops and abundant apple yields season after season. As a breakthrough systemic fungicide, Luna provides unparalleled control of Powdery mildew, Scab and other problematic diseases. Make Luna a cornerstone of your fungicide program to consistently produce a high-quality crop – and more of it.

Key Pests

  • Scab, Leaf and Fruit
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Flyspeck
  • Rot, Bitter and White
  • Rusts
  • Sooty Blotch
Luna Sensation

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional Efficacy – Luna Sensation has proven itself in several years of field trials to provide systemic and broad-spectrum disease control equal or superior to current leading fungicides.
  • Multi-Year Disease Control – Significantly reduces the number of tree shoots infected with powdery mildew the spring following use.
  • Quality Assurance – Results in high-quality fruit and a low incidence of fruit finish disease and rots compared with competitor fungicides.
  • Integrated Pest Management – Offers an excellent rotational fit with other available fungicides for resistance management.


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Apple Scab

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A severe powdery mildew problem, if left untreated, can lead to Botrytis, causing double the headache for grape growers.// more
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