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Luna® Fungicide
Unprecedented Disease Control for Apples

Luna® Fungicide Helps Ensure a Beautiful, Abundant Harvest

From bud break until harvest, Luna fungicide protects apples throughout the growing season, improving plant health for beautiful crops and abundant apple yields season after season. As a breakthrough systemic fungicide, Luna provides unparalleled control of powdery mildew, scab and other problematic diseases. Make Luna a cornerstone of your fungicide program to consistently produce a high-quality crop – and more of it.

Key Benefits for Apples

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Exceptional Efficacy
Luna Sensation® has proven itself in several years of field trials to provide systemic and broad-spectrum disease control equal or superior to current leading fungicides
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Multiyear Disease Control
Significantly reduces the number of tree shoots infected with powdery mildew the spring following use
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Quality Assurance
Results in high-quality fruit and a low incidence of fruit finish disease and rots compared with competitor fungicides
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Integrated Pest Management
Offers an excellent rotational fit with other available fungicides for resistance management

Effective Against

Leaf and Fruit Scab
Powdery mildew
Bitter and White Rot
Sooty Blotch

Registered Crops

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