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Luna® Fungicide
Unprecedented Disease Control for Watermelons

Luna® Fungicide Helps Ensure a Beautiful, Abundant Harvest

From transplant to harvest, Luna fungicide protects watermelons throughout the growing season, improving plant health for beautiful crops and abundant watermelon yields. As a breakthrough systemic fungicide, Luna provides outstanding protection against problematic diseases such as powdery mildew and gummy stem blight. Make Luna a cornerstone of your fungicide program to consistently produce a high-quality crop – and more of it.

Key Benefits for Watermelons

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Proven Efficacy
Luna Experience® provides equal or superior control of watermelon diseases compared with other leading fungicides, as shown in field trials
Excellent Disease Control
Fights strobilurin- and boscalid-resistant strains
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Broad-spectrum Coverage
Controls both gummy stem blight and powdery mildew with one easy-to-use product
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Low-use Rate
Effectively controls diseases with about half the rate of current industry standards

Effective Against

Gummy stem blight
Powdery mildew

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