Product Information

Prosaro® fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control to help maximize yield and profit potential in wheat and barley by protecting your crop from both scab and leaf diseases. Prosaro stops the penetration of the fungus into the plant and the spread of infection within the plant. Prosaro inhibits the reproduction and further growth of the fungus.

Key Benefits

  • Fights Scab - Prosaro offers the best available scab activity, which contributes to increased grain quality and yield.
  • Protects Against Disease - Provides powerful control of net blotch, scald and spot blotch in barley, and leaf rust, septoria leaf blotch, glume blotch, stem rust and tan spot in wheat.
  • Rainfast - Within two hours after application or until fully dry on the plant surface.

Key Pests

  • Blight, Fusarium Head
  • Rust
  • Blotch, Net

Registered Crops

  • Cereals

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