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Scala Fungicide
The All-Weather Fungicide for Tree Nuts

Protection. Weather or Not.

Scala® is a foliar fungicide that provides high-level preventive control against multiple economically damaging diseases in tree nuts, including excellent pink bud penetration in almond to control brown rot blossom blight.

With effectiveness in cool, wet and rainy weather conditions, Scala is an important addition to many spray programs such as Luna® brands at bloom.

Key Benefits for Tree Nuts

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Early Season Adaptability
Ideal for early season bud and bloom sprays – equally effective at a variety of temperatures
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Rapid Tissue Penetration
Rapid penetration and ease of mobility inside the bud and blossom mean that Scala® can quickly reach the site of fungal infection to provide three days of effective reach-back
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Pink Bud Penetration
Excellent activity on the key pink bud diseases such as brown rot blossom blight in almond
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Effective Chemistry
Blocks fungal enzymes necessary for the infection process and stops pathogens from acquiring nutrients in plant tissue
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Once the product is dry, it will continue to provide control
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No loss of efficacy when applied within 30 hours after inoculation in almond
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Competes very well economically with other products used at pink bud/early bloom
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Crop-safe and Fits in Rotational Programs
Crop-safe (including blossoms) and mixes well with other products

Effective Against

Brown rot blossom blight
Shot Hole

Registered Crops

Trial Data

Current Research

Trial on Brown rot blossom blight infected almond spurs and shoots conducted in Durham, CA, showed that a rotation of Scala at pink bud with Luna Sensation at full bloom and Luna Experience at petal fall performed better than corresponding applications of Vangard®, Merivon® and Rovral®.

Chart Comparing Almond Brown Rot Blossom Blight Fungicide Control


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