Protect Your Almonds Against Threats You Can’t See: Manage Nematodes with Velum® One

Why It Pays to Protect Against Nematodes

Nematodes are an invisible threat in the soil that can negatively impact soil health and harm your crops causing up to a 50% loss in annual yield in almonds.1 Worldwide, nematodes caused $157 billion in yield loss across crops in 2015.2 Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food production. Healthy roots are fundamental for consistent high productivity and can improve yield and quality by 30–50%.

Your Solution for Post-planting Nematode Protection

Previously, growers had limited post-planting options to protect their almond trees from nematodes.

For tree nut growers, Bayer offers a solution with Velum® One, a nematicide with fungicidal activity that suppresses nematodes and helps provide higher yields. Velum One is a wide-spectrum nematicide that can be conveniently applied during the season through irrigation systems.

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Velum One Provides Multiple Solutions

  • Fast, effective and long-term control of key nematodes in a wide range of crops
  • Residual efficacy at unprecedented low application rate via chemigation
  • Profitable and sustainable farm management


harvesting almonds with tree shakerHow It Pays to Use Velum One

  • Can increase yield by 8.3% with an average of $475/bearing acre4
  • Effective wide-spectrum nematicidal activity
  • Protects roots and helps establish the crop
  • Increases crop canopy by an average of 58%5
  • Convenient in-season application via chemigation
  • Advanced chemistry: no buffer zones needed



Improve Your Yields with Velum One


Five Symptoms That Show Your Trees Are Suffering from Nematodes

low tree vigor green icon transparent image Low tree vigor
disease transmission green icon Disease transmission
root damage green icon Root damage
reduced crop yield green icon 345 lbs./A average
reduced crop yield3
reduced water and nutrient uptake green icon Reduced water and nutrient uptake

Types of Nematodes

close up of root-knot nematodes swelling of the roots transparent image Root-knot nematodes
cause swelling of the roots.
close up of lesion nematodes feed inside the root Lesion nematodes feed
inside the root causing the
most damage to nuts.
close up of ring nematodes in the soil and feed on the root tips Ring nematodes live in the
soil and feed on the root tips.

Work Cited

1 California Department of Food and Agriculture 2015 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Project Abstracts.

2 Nematode damage covers a variety of crops worldwide including almonds. “Nematodes: A Threat to Sustainability of Agriculture,” Satyandra Singh, Bijendra Singh and A.P. Singh.

3 Average yield loss in lbs. per acre is based on California Agricultural Statistics Review, 2014–2015. California Department of Food and Agriculture.

4 Profit increase based on 2017 almond price/lb. and average yield/bearing acres with 8.3% increase in yield versus untreated over three-year trial, per trial data of five locations with a single application of Velum One at 6.5 or 6.85 fl. oz./A.

5 Velum One applied at 6.5 oz./A, spring 2017, via drip irrigation. Trees planted in January 2017. Increase in green canopy pixels based on an average of two rows of untreated trees compared to an average of two rows of Velum One-treated trees.

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