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Ginstar® Harvest Aid
Clean, Consistent Defoliation

Control Regrowth Regardless of the Conditions

Ginstar® cotton defoliant provides clean, consistent defoliation and regrowth inhibition, even in challenging weather conditions. Ginstar delivers a clean, consistent drop of foliage with no leaf stick, leading to higher-value cotton and improved profit potential.

Ginstar Key Benefits

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Superior Regrowth Control
Regrowth is controlled regardless of the conditions – including the cooler temperatures of the Texas High Plains region, the arid conditions of the West, and in tough regrowth conditions in the Delta and the Southeast
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Cleaner Cotton
Removes mature leaves, drops juvenile growth and sheds immature squares, reduces trash and staining, and preserves lint quality
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Tankmix Options
Use alone or tankmix with Finish® 6 Pro harvest aid to open bolls faster as well as drop leaves

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