Residual Control that goes the Distance

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Product Information

Longer-lasting Alion® herbicide provides a unique solution for pre-emergence control of a broad range of grass and broadleaf weeds, including ALS-, ACC-ase-, triazine- and glyphosate-resistant species. Alion is available for use in established citrus, grape, pome and stone fruit, tree nut crops and olives. The unique chemistry in Alion features a cellulose-biosynthesis inhibitor as its active ingredient. 

Easy-to-use, Alion features a low-use rate and can be applied up to 14 days before harvest (7 days for citrus) with results lasting up to six months. When applied with a contact herbicide, the mixture provides initial burndown of emerged weeds and extended residual control.

With Alion, producers will benefit from clean orchards and groves and improved resource efficiency. Alion simplifies weed control, allowing producers to turn their attention to what really counts - profits.

Key Benefits

  • Longer-lasting - Up to six months of grass and broadleaf weed control.
  • Broad-Spectrum Control - Offers broad-spectrum control of grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Unique Chemistry - Brings a unique chemistry that controls even glyphosate-resistant weeds.
  • More Profits -Allows producers to focus more on profitability and less on weeds.

Key Pests

  • Filaree, redstem
  • Marestail (Horseweed)
  • Pigweed

Registered Crops

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