low use rate

Benefits of Low Use Rates

A product use rate might not be the No. 1 factor you consider when choosing your herbicide program. But it might garner more attention than you realize. A lower use rate means less labor is involved with application. In turn, you have more opportunities to focus on other elements of your operation. » more

$42,000 down the drain

Protect your Bottom Line

Maximizing yield and profitability isn’t straightforward. However, there’s a fairly simple 1-2 combination that can help you do just that. It’s modeled after your two-pass herbicide program, but takes into account more than your herbicide choices. » more

wipe out weeds

Wipe. Out. Weeds. (W.O.W!)

That’s what the Bayer corn herbicide portfolio will help you do, whatever your weed challenge. » more

growing success

Early Season Weed Control for Season-long Success

We know weeds can hurt corn yields by competing for vital nutrients, sunlight and moisture. What’s less clear is when it really does start to affect corn yields. The short answer: as early as when corn is at the V2 growth stage. » more

it's man vs weed

Learning Module: Capreno

With the longest-lasting residual of any post, Capreno® herbicide delivers season-long control of the toughest weeds. Learn how Capreno can help you achieve clean fields at harvest with this interactive learning module. » more

capreno takes out weeds and the competition all season long

Competitive Advantage

Capreno® delivers season-long control of grass and broadleaf weeds, with the longest residual of any post, but that’s not all. See how Capreno stacks up to the competition. » more

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Learn how Capreno® herbicide delivers an amazing end-of-season clean at an ultra-low use rate. » more
Learn how Capreno® herbicide delivers control of even the toughest weeds. » more
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