Low Use Rate

Benefits of Low Use Rates

A product use rate might not be the No. 1 factor you consider when choosing your herbicide program.
But it might garner more attention than you realize. A lower use rate means less labor is involved with application. In turn, you have more opportunities to focus on other elements of your operation.

Getting More with Less

Bayer Ultra Low Use Rate technology allows growers and retailers to enhance their bottom line by doing more with lower application rates. Low Use Rate products offer increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings, while reducing container size, application rates and labor and transportation expenses.

Our Ultra Low Use Rate technology delivers on that request—precise measurements, smaller packaging, fewer containers and less labor. By thinking smaller, we are providing more—greater flexibility, better efficiency and enhanced bottom lines—for growers and retailers. Plus, it enables them to be more environmentally sustainable and to remain in compliance with regulatory standards.

Focus on Ounces

Bayer Ultra Low Use Rate products are measured in ounces rather than the customary pints or quarts. With our concentrated formulations, only ounces are needed to treat the same number of acres as opposed to pints or quarts per acre for most other crop protection products. For instance, it would take a grower only 3 fl oz of Laudis® herbicide to treat an acre of corn compared to 4 pts (2 qts) of Halex® GT, based on the maximum label use rates. Or it would take just nine cases of Corvus®, applied at a rate of 5.6 fl oz/A to treat the same number of acres as four bulk containers of conventional herbicides applied at 2.5 qts/A.

A low use rate comparison chart

With the lower rates, fewer and smaller containers are needed. This makes it easier for growers and retailers to handle the products. Less storage space is required with the smaller packaging, allowing growers and retailers to use their sometimes limited space more efficiently. Ultra Low Use Rate products also reduce costs needed for purchasing new bulk tanks, mini bulks, pumps or replacement parts.


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