How to Maximize Yield and Profit in Corn

Financial loss suffered from weed pressure in corn

Improve Weed Control – Maximize Yield and Profit

The Bottom Line

Maximizing yield and profitability isn’t straightforward. We’d love it to be, but it just isn’t.

South Dakota State University Extension cited research that reveals weeds can reduce corn yield by 3 bu/A, or $12, for each day weeds go uncontrolled. If weeds are left uncontrolled for a week, it can cost you $84/A. For a 500-acre grower, that’s $42,000.

Corn is sensitive to fast-growing, early season weeds like waterhemp, which can grow as fast as one inch a day. For everyday weeds go untreated with a herbicide, it costs you yield and money.

There are fairly simple weed management best practices that can help you maximize your profit potential.

Yield loss from weed pressure in corn crops

Start Strong

The key to minimizing yield loss from weed competition is to eliminate weeds earlyA top-notch pre-emergent herbicide, like Corvus®, will help ensure your weed control program is off to profitable start. Corvus is the #1 pre-emergent herbicide in the country, for good reason. Corvus provides three levels of defense against weeds, including residual weed control and reactivation with just a ½ inch of rain, allowing you to control even the toughest weeds early.

Finish Strong

Ensuring weeds are controlled through canopy is as important as starting early. A long-lasting postemergent herbicide, like Capreno®, can help you stay weed free through canopy. Capreno has the longest-lasting residual of any post on the market, giving you season-long control of the toughest weeds.

Eliminate Yield Loss from Weeds

Small problems can cause even bigger consequences. Optimize your weed management program to ensure you get off to a strong start and protect yield all season.

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