Success Stories

“When you start spraying 5,000 acres, a lot of times I have to spray two or three times pre-emerge and with Roundup®. It took a lot of time. I have seen situations where the weather wouldn’t let you spray two times. If your weeds get up and get going, then you have two problems. You need to kill those weeds and others before they come up again. Corvus works well as a one pass.”

James Porter
Equality, IL

“First of all, Corvus is very safe on the corn. Second, it is a very simple system. Third, it works. It keeps all of our corn fields pretty clean. It saves you a lot of time. There isn’t a whole lot of time after we plant corn to come back [with Corvus]. We don’t want to babysit our corn. We’re usually out bailing hay or planting our other crops. One pass just simplifies the corn weed management issue. It makes it a very simple system.”

Bryan Henrichs
Breese, IL
Dairy Farmer

“I’d say the biggest benefit [of a one-pass herbicide program] would be timing. A lot of times it rains and there are weeds growing. A lot of times you can’t get in there to spray because it is raining. If you have the entire chemical on, it gives you a little peace of mind that even if you do have some escapes, it would not be to the extent you would have if it was sitting out there with little or no chemical on it.”

Keith Oglesby
Eldorado, IL

“If we can get by on one pass, it really saves us a lot of aggravation and money. I’m always about saving money. It gives us a wider window to scout because we’re not worried about that field right now. We continue planting and spraying other fields. Three weeks down the road we can recheck the field, but we shouldn’t be too worried about it.”

Glen Guest
Nashville, IL

“We didn’t have to come back and respray. We had no crop damage. The safety of that product was phenomenal. Five point six ounces isn’t much to handle compared to 2 to 2.5 quarts of the competitors’ products. We’re 100 percent satisfied and we look at it as a gift to our farm.”

Ron Neill
Bellevue, OH

“Corvus doesn’t seem to hurt the corn at all when you can just put it on in one shot. You don’t have to worry about it stunting or hurting the corn. [Corvus] helps it grow better, and anything that makes it grow better is good.”

Dave Eells
Rossville, IL

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