DiFlexx DUO Product Overview

What is DiFlexx DUO herbicide?

DiFlexx® DUO is a powerful, post-emergence corn herbicide that fights back against the full range of tough-to-control weeds, including glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, ragweed and marestail.

With built-in resistance management for driver weeds thanks to two effective sites of action (SOA), DiFlexx DUO provides excellent crop safety for most types of corn and on any soil type.

How does DiFlexx DUO work?

DiFlexx DUO uses two effective sites of action on driver weeds to control tough broadleaf weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate-, PPO- and ALS-based herbicides.

DiFlexx DUO Product Specs

What crops is DiFlexx DUO registered on?

DiFlexx DUO is a corn herbicide and is available for use on:

  • Corn, field
  • Corn, seed
  • Popcorn

Which weeds does DiFlexx DUO control?

See a full list of weeds controlled by DiFlexx DUO.

DiFlexx DUO Application and Use

When should DiFlexx DUO be applied?

DiFlexx DUO can be applied preplant up to V10 in corn crops.

What is the use rate?

Best weed control will be achieved when applications are made to young, actively growing weeds.

Apply DiFlexx DUO as a post-emergent herbicide at recommended rates of 24-40 fluid ounces per acre to effectively control a broad array of important annual broadleaf weeds and grasses, including biotypes resistant to glyphosate-, triazine-, auxin-, HPPD-, benzoic-, and ALS-inhibiting herbicides. Applying DiFlexx DUO at these rates will also control or suppress many biennial/perennial broadleaf weeds.

Best control of annual broadleaf weeds is achieved when weeds are less than 6 inches in height and actively growing, while the best control of annual grasses is achieved prior to tillering and when grasses are actively growing.

What are the recommended tankmix partners?

DiFlexx DUO herbicide provides early-season suppression/control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds, but will generally not provide season-long residual weed control. DiFlexx DUO can be tankmixed with atrazine (5) or Roundup® Brand Agricultural Herbicides (9).

Visit the Use & Mixing Instructions to learn more about how to use tank mixing partners with DiFlexx DUO.

Does DiFlexx DUO need any adjuvants or surfactants?

The use of a Methylated Seed Oil (MSO) or Crop Oil Concentrate (COC) is recommended when DiFlexx DUO herbicide is used. As an alternative to traditional MSO or COC surfactants, High Surfactant oil Concentrates (HSOC) at recommended rates may be used with DiFlexx DUO. Check the product label for more information on how to use surfactants with DiFlexx DUO.

Is DiFlexx DUO safe to the crop?

DiFlexx DUO can be used safely on field corn, field corn grown for silage, white corn, seed corn and popcorn.

What are the crop rotation restrictions?

Immediate: Corn (field, seed, pop and silage)

4 months: Cereal grains (except corn and sorghum,) sweet corn, sugarcane, grass grown for seed

8 months: Soybean, onion

See a full list of crop rotation restrictions on the DiFlexx DUO product label. Do not rotate to crops other than those listed above or in the label.

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