Success Stories

“We are 100 percent satisfied with our Laudis. It does a bang up job on all broadleaves. It takes thistles, and it takes creeping jenny with some atrazine. We have been very pleased with it. The crop safety is excellent. Where we double up, we don’t see significant differences in damage. The seed business focuses on inbreds, and these plants and inbreds are more sensitive than conventional corn. We have not seen damage with it. We have seen good activity on grass.”

Douglas Felton, Seed Corn Grower
Cannon Falls, MN

“We recommend Laudis on pretty much every field. If there is a postemergent weed problem, that is what we are going to suggest. It has worked better than Impact® or Callisto®. We pretty much just use Laudis.”

Jim Meier, Seed Corn Consultant
Prescott, WI

“Crop safety is very important. I see no damage to the sweet corn. If you stay with the Laudis labeled rate, there is no damage at all to corn. I have so much confidence in Laudis. It is unbelievable what Laudis is doing in sweet corn. I’m using it on 2,000 acres of my field corn, too.”

Ron Young, Farm Manager
Marengo, OH

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