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Warrant® Herbicide
Consistent Crop Safety and Residual Control

Improved Crop Safety and Weed Control with Patented Micro-encapsulation Technology

Warrant® herbicide is an acetochlor-based pre-emergence and postemergence residual herbicide. The micro-encapsulated technology in Warrant herbicide helps provide improved crop safety and residual weed control for up to 30 days after application. The product provides preemergence, residual control of grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. The product will not control emerged weeds and must be applied to a weed-free soil surface or in a tank-mixture with products that provide postemergence control of weeds at the time of application.

Warrant Key Benefits

Acetochlor-based residual herbicide for use in cotton, soybeans, corn, sugar beets, alfalfa, safened grain sorghum and peanuts
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Bayer’s unique microencapsulation technology provides improved crop safety potential with pre-emergence and postemergence applications
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Up to 30 days of strong residual control of small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses
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Excellent tank-mix partner with Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides
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Flexible application window across wide range of crops

Effective Against

Common waterhemp
Foxtail species
Fall panicum

Registered Crops

Field corn
Production seed corn
Forage or grain sorghum (milo)


// Warrant Product Bulletin 21

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