Movento Insecticide FAQ

Movento Product Overview

What is Movento?

Movento® is an effective insecticide tool for managing a broad range of sucking insect pests. With a unique mode of action, Movento becomes active when ingested by insect, mite and nematode pests that feed on treated plants.

Movento uses a systemic mode of action to protect the entire plant, including those in dense crop canopies, new shoots and root systems, by moving leaf-to-leaf and leaf-to-root. Movento offers a high level of residual efficacy to protect new plant growth and provide long-lasting crop protection.

Visit the Movento product page to learn more about how Movento protects against insects.

What pests does Movento control?

Movento provides excellent, long-term control of a broad range of sucking pests, including:

  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Scale
  • Mealybugs
  • Psyllids
  • Phylloxera
  • Nematodes (suppression only)

Visit the key pests page to see a full list of pests controlled.

How does Movento work?

Movento penetrates the leaf cuticle and enters the plant vascular system, moving both upward and downward via phloem and xylem to new shoot, leaf and root tissues. This “two-way” movement results in effective control of hidden pests on above- and below-ground plant parts.

What life stages are affected?

Movento is active by ingestion against immature insect pests feeding on treated plants. In addition, studies have also shown significant impact on exposed adult female pests by reducing the number of offspring and those that are produced often do not survive to cause damage to plant tissues.

How long is Movento effective?

There are many factors that determine the residual effectiveness of any product, including environment, target crop/pest and application method. The initial and residual control provided by Movento generally surpasses that of competitive foliar treatments when applied to the identical target crop and pest.

Movento Application and Use

When is the best time to apply Movento?

Applications should be made when sufficient leaf tissue is present to allow for maximum uptake of the active ingredient into the plant. Movento is effective as either a preventive or early threshold treatment, allowing for flexible application timing. To obtain the highest benefit from Movento and minimize ongoing pest damage that may impact yield and quality, Bayer recommends applications prior to the establishment of a highly damaging population.

Is Movento compatible with various spray adjuvants or horticultural spray oils?

Yes. In fact, applications of Movento require the use of a tankmix additive having spreading and penetration properties to facilitate maximum uptake of the product into the leaf surfaces for optimum movement in the plant. Recommended additives to use in combination with Movento to optimize performance include horticultural spray and methylated seed oils or nonionic/organosilicone surfactants, dependent upon crop.

What can I mix with Movento?

Movento has been evaluated as a tankmix partner with several other products and, to date, studies have shown no antagonistic or phytotoxic effects when compared to each product utilized alone. However, it is known that many components, including crop protection products, fertilizers, micronutrients, and spray adjuvants, may be present in a tankmix combination in commercial practice, creating very unique chemical reactions and often high-risk circumstances.

It is impossible to determine physical, biological, and plant compatibility for all scenarios that may be encountered. Because of this, it is recommended that potential users determine the chemical, physical, biological, and plant compatibility of such mixes prior to applications on a broad commercial scale.

The Movento label has a full list of tank mix partners.

How quickly does Movento become rainfast?

When applied in combination with recommended tankmix additives, the active ingredient in Movento rapidly moves into the leaf to the vascular tissues where it is fully protected from environmental effects. Subsequent rainfall has negligible effects on residual performance.

Movento Product Safety

Does Movento have any negative effects on beneficial insects or honeybees?

Movento is quite compatible with beneficial arthropod species and is an ideal choice for use with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Studies have shown minimal risk to beneficial insects including predacious bugs, parasitic wasps, lacewings, ladybird beetles and pollinators.

How soon can I rotate to another crop following a Movento application?

Movento is rapidly degraded in the soil following application. Any crop can be planted 30 days following applications.

Where can Movento-treated crops be exported?

Movento is fully trade-enabled. Tolerances have been established in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, E.U. countries, CODEX, Australia, and Japan. The Maximum Residual Levels Database has a comprehensive list of established Maximum Residual Levels (MRL).

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