Key Pests

The list of pests controlled or suppressed by this product are from the Environmental Protection Agency approved Federal Label. Please click on 'Labels / MSDS' in the left hand navigation for special or state labeled pests. Always read and follow label instructions.


Mite, Banks Grass
Mite, Broad
Mite, Tomato Russet


Psylla, Potato
Psylla, Tomato
Psyllid, Potato
Psyllid, Tomato


Spider Mite, Carmine
Spider Mite, Desert
Spider Mite, Pacific
Spider Mite, Strawberry
Spider Mite, Two-Spotted


Whitefly, Greenhouse
Whitefly, Silverleaf
Whitefly, Sweetpotato

Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered for use in every state. Please check with Bayer or your local Lead State Agency for product registration status. If you wish to find out if a product is registered in your state or for additional product information, send us an email or call 1-866-99-BAYER.
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