Emesto Silver

Product Information

Backed by a century of potato expertise, Emesto® Silver is an innovative potato seed treatment fungicide that controls seed and soil-borne disease and promotes early crop establishment and plant vigor. Featuring a new class of chemistry, Emesto Silver fights Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, and Helminthosporium Silver Scurf as well as black scurf, stem and stolon canker, promoting higher yields and ensuring business success.

Key Benefits

  • Crop Establishment - Promotes consistent early emergence, improves early vigor and fosters uniform stands.
  • Disease Control - Provides powerful activity on seed and soil-borne diseases, including Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Helminthosporium Silver Scurf, resulting in a perfect skin finish and optimum size and shape.
  • Increased Yield Potential - Features a class of chemistry new to potato seed treatments that improves plant vitality and maximizes your yield potential.

Key Pests

  • Rhizoctonia solani
  • Helminthosporium Silver Scurf
  • Fusarium

Registered Crops

  • Potatoes

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