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Tour the Next Path to Protection: ThryvOn® Technology

While we wish you could experience this journey in person, we invite you to follow Jay Mahaffey, manager of Scott Learning Center, and others as they take you on a guided virtual tour of the next path to protection. Join us and learn about ThryvOn® Technology — the industry’s first cotton biotech trait that provides season-long protection against tarnished plant bug and thrips species.*

*ThryvOn® Technology has proven protection against tobacco thrips (Frankliniella fusca); Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis); tarnished plant bug (Lygus lineolaris); and the Western Tarnished Plant bug (Lygus hesperus).

*Scouting is critical to determine which and how many insecticide applications are recommended when economic thresholds are met.

Welcome to the Scott Learning Center's 2021 Season

Scott Learning Center Manager Jay Mahaffey welcomes you back to the Scott Learning Center and shares the exciting work done during the 2021 growing season.

Welcome to the Scott Learning Center's 2021 Season

2021 Thrips Species Study

2021 Tarnished Plant Bug Species Study

ThryvOn Technology Variety Trials

The Future of ThryvOn® Technology

Welcome to the Scott Learning Center

Scott Learning Center Manager, Jay Mahaffey, walks you through what is new for the Scott Learning Center in 2020 and how your input can shape its future.

Test Plot Protocols

Joseph Cummins, the learning center agronomist, provides an overview of ThryvOn Technology test plot layouts and their protocols.

Comparing Thrips Damage

Jay Mahaffey walks you through what thrips damage looks like and compares the damage against the different test protocols.

Collecting Thrips Samples — Part 1

Jay Mahaffey demonstrates how they collect insect samples from the plots to help them determine thrips levels.

Collecting Thrips Samples — Part 2

Using insect samples from the plots, Jay Mahaffey explains how thrips are counted and characterized in the lab so valuable data can be collected.

Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn® Cotton With XtendFlex® Technology

Jay Mahaffey breaks down the agronomic parameters of the new technology and explains how growers can use these new varieties on their operations.

What Makes ThryvOn Technology Stand Out

Jay Mahaffey explains the distinct differences between ThryvOn Technology and other cotton traits and the advantages that ThryvOn Technology can give growers.

What Can You Expect in the Future

Jay Mahaffey discusses what you can expect from future installments from the Scott Learning Center.

Midseason Update

In this midseason update, Jay Mahaffey welcomes cotton growers back to the virtual tour. He gives an overview of what visitors can expect from the tour, including a review of the thrips species data, thrips species responses, discussions around the performance of ThryvOn Technology and more.

ThryvOn Technology Thrips Species* Evaluation

Jay Mahaffey walks growers through the ThryvOn Technology thrips species evaluation. He has results to share and talks a little bit about the response he’s seen in the fields. Earlier in the season, he observed constant pressure from thrips species at the Bayer Scott Learning Center. Learn more about what caused the reduction in insect pressure and the increase in cotton plant health.

ThryvOn Technology Preliminary Data Results

The preliminary data results are in, and Jay Mahaffey is excited to share the things he's seen with cotton growers. Hear about all the data collected this year at the Bayer Scott Learning Center, which reveals the performance of ThryvOn Technology against thrips species in the early season. See the compelling data now.

Tarnished Plant Bug Species* Plot Protocols

Jay Mahaffey stands in front of the tarnished plant bug species evaluations at the Bayer Scott Learning Center and discusses how performance is measured between test plots. There’s a direct comparison of the technology, but there’s also plant- and insect-based thresholds to consider. All of this helps us learn about how ThryvOn Technology can help support cotton growers.

ThryvOn Technology Observations

In this video, Jay Mahaffey gives an overview of this season's observations around ThryvOn Technology. The team has gathered data and seen significant retention. Throughout the year, the plan is to let the cotton linger so we can continue to collect data, information, and the answers to the questions many people have been asking about ThryvOn Technology.

Tarnished Plant Bug Species* and Fruit Retention Data Collection

Jay Mahaffey greets growers as he prepares for midseason data collection at the ThryvOn® Technology plot. Jay walks through the sampling process while Bayer Scott Learning Center Agronomist Joseph Cummins covers square retention. Then, the team reconvenes to compare notes on their findings of tarnished plant bug species and the health of the cotton plants.

ThryvOn Technology Variety Trial

Jay Mahaffey takes to the fields to compare varieties and their response to growth regulation with ThryvOn Technology. This is the stage where the varieties begin to separate from each other in terms of growing characteristics. Between now and harvest, the cotton varieties will continue to develop and diverge, offering key learnings for the future.

Midseason Recap and Future Learnings

Evidence, hard data, and overall impact on damage from thrips species. Those are just three key pieces of this midseason recap from Jay Mahaffey. Find out what response the team is seeing as a result of ThryvOn Technology and get a glimpse of what's in store for cotton growers next year and beyond.

End-of-Season Overview

Despite dealing with hurricanes in and around the Scott Learning Center, crops were harvested and compelling plot data was collected. Jay Mahaffey gives an overview of how the 2020 season ended and what it means for the future.

Test Plot Protocols Update

The Scott Learning Center team takes you through their process for conducting trials and discusses what they learned from the data they collected as well as the impact ThryvOn® Technology had.

Yield Results

How did the yield results look in the 2020 plot trials? Jay Mahaffey and others discuss the impact ThryvOn Technology had on tarnished plant bugs and thrips species* and the role it played in the final yield numbers.

ThryvOn Technology Academic Observations

Academics and extension entomologists are excited about the potential of ThryvOn Technology for growers. Tim Dabbert, cotton technology development manager at Bayer, talks about why their perspective is so important.

What to expect in 2021

What excites Jay Mahaffey the most about the future of ThryvOn Technology? Hear what he has to say about going into 2021 and what's in store for the technology at the Scott Learning Center and with the upcoming Stewarded Ground Breakers® Introduction.

See The Science Behind The Technology

Explore Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn® cotton with XtendFlex® Technology further by diving into its features and potential benefits.

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