One Less Worry for Almond Trees

May 10, 2023


Up to 6 months of weed control

With Alion® Herbicide, producers will benefit from clean orchards and improved water and nutrient uptake, increasing crop yield potential.

Alion provides control for up to six months on tough grasses and broadleaf weeds, including varieties resistant to commonly used herbicides. This allows growers to focus more on profitability and less on weed control, all without compromising crop safety. Learn More

In more than 4,000 trials over 14 years, Alion has demonstrated longer-lasting control of grasses and broadleaf weeds than the leading competitors.

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A bar chart that shows Alion showed longer control of broadleaf weeds than competitors

A bar chart that shows Alion showed longer control of grassweeds than competitors

Highly Compatible Tank-mix Partner

Key weeds present in orchards have been found to be resistant to commonly used herbicides. A best practice to slow down weed resistance to herbicides includes using multiple effective modes of action in your pre- and post-emergent herbicide sprays. See Label

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As the only cellulose biosynthesis inhibitor (CBI) on the market for California almonds, the unique chemistry available in Alion herbicide provides an excellent weed control option. There is no known resistance to Alion.

Pair Alion as a foundational herbicide with a contact treatment that provides a second mode of action. The effective long-lasting weed control extends across a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including resistant species. Learn More

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How Alion Works

The active ingredient in Alion® herbicide is indaziflam, a cellulose-biosynthesis inhibitor (CBI) and is one of the most effective CBIs discovered. Alion is a WSSA group 29, HRAC group L.

Chemical structure of Indaziflam
Chemical structure of indaziflam, the active ingredient in Alion® Herbicide.
The anatomy of a root from hair to cap, shown in green layers
Alion® Herbicide inhibits root development.

CBIs control weeds by inhibiting meristematic growth (generation of new cells) in developing roots once a seed begins to grow, thus preventing root development.


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