Prevention is Key for Tree Nut Growers

February 1, 2022

California tree nut growers face threats to crop yield year-round, from damaging diseases to fungicide resistance to erratic weather.

These challenges are often unpredictable, but growers can incorporate proven best practices, proactive tools and preventive measures into their management routines to protect their high-value tree nut investments.

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Scout for Issues Early

Growers should be involved in good, standard agronomic scouting. California has first-tier consultant networks and PCAs that scout fields daily, providing an invaluable service to growers who want to be well-informed about unique pressures their crop will face and how to best protect their investments.

Use the Right Materials at the Right Times

Growers must be cognizant of disease timing and consider appropriate fungicide application periods, rates and rotation of products. For almonds, protection typically begins in February against brown rot blossom blight and can last through the summer when Alternaria, anthracnose and hull rot are threats. Growers are advised to develop a calendar and look to PCAs, university research websites and other available tools to help plan ahead.

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Practice Effective Resistance Management Techniques

A topic of concern throughout California is the development of resistance to fungicides. Development may stem from several factors, but not adhering strictly to sound resistance management practices — such as rotating different classes of chemistries — is known to accelerate the issue.

Utilizing rotational chemistries aids in warding off resistance development, enabling growers to continue using the available tools as long as possible. The Fungicide Resistance Action Committee has established guidelines for resistance management and is a valuable resource for growers looking ahead at best practices for chemistry rotation.

Choose Products That Fit Specific Needs

To help growers tackle year-long challenges to their tree nut crops, Bayer’s Luna Sensation® and Luna Experience® contain a combination of Luna® and another fungicide, giving growers options when determining how to prevent diseases specific to their needs.

To learn more about the Luna fungicide portfolio, contact your local Bayer representative.

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