Field Check Up Series

Maturity Stage

A Channel SeedPro Makes These Key Checks During the Maturity Stage

With the end of the season nearing and plants reaching their maturity stage, your Channel SeedPro checks for any new problems, evaluates plant health and verifies crops are ready for harvest.

Icon of Previous Visit Follow-Up
Previous Visit Follow-UpIf your Channel SeedPro visits during pre-harvest, recommendations made will be reviewed to maximize their positive results at harvest. If the combine is rolling, you can discuss indicators of product performance and how it will impact future decision-making.
Icon of Prioritizing for Harvest
Prioritizing for HarvestYour Channel SeedPro will use in-season information to help prioritize your fields for harvest. The use of the Climate FieldView™ platform yield analysis tool will also help you understand early indications of product performance across your operation.
Icon of Look Ahead
Look AheadYour Channel SeedPro will help you prepare for next year by utilizing FieldView™ harvest data to position products and utilize early order seed programs, as well as provide insight on product supply and demand so you can commit to an order.

Custom Crop Report

Discover the value of Channel SeedPro observations and recommendations in a Custom Crop Report.

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Expert Advice During the Maturity Stage

Determining Harvest Timing for Soybeans and Corn - Frank Miklozek

Channel SeedPro Frank Miklozek discusses what factors to consider when determining harvest timing for soybeans and corn.

Benefits of using Climate FieldView™ - Joe Stanger

Channel SeedPro Joe Stanger discusses how he demonstrates the benefits of Climate FieldView™ for a farmer’s operation.