Fortified Performance

Channel® Brand Silage

Fortify performance from the field to the milk tank with Channel® Fortified Silage products expertly placed by your Channel team. Channel Fortified Silage products balance fiber digestibility, starch content, yield potential and flexibility to meet the needs of your dairy.

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Strong Nutrition. Sound Agronomics.
Icon of Fiber Digestibility
Fiber DigestibilityDesigned for digestibility. Every Fortified Silage product is selected to optimize fiber digestibility. Our commitment to digestibility doesn’t stop in the field. From processing to storage, you can count on your Channel team to keep an eye on digestibility.
Icon of Flexibility
FlexibilityChannel Fortified Silage products are selected for silage characteristics, but they can be used for any purpose. Whether you’re chopping, grinding or shelling, you’ll get the agronomics and standability you need to stand up to hectic harvest schedules.
Icon of Yield
YieldBred to yield. Whether you’re targeting high quality, high tonnage or striking a balance in between, your Channel team will work with you to understand your operation and offer custom recommendations to achieve your goals.
Icon of Starch
StarchIt’s simple: more starch means more milk. Channel Fortified Silage products are bred and selected to optimize starch content, so you can fortify performance with the energy your herd needs to thrive.

"Ultimately, when you're milking cows, at the end of the day, milk is what you're getting paid off of. Having good-quality feed and good tons along with that is the driver."

Dustin Royer, Ohio Dairyman and Channel farmer

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An Experience That Yields Results
Icon of Expert Advice
Expert AdviceAt Channel, we strive to be one of your most trusted advisors. Our team collaborates with your team to help you develop an agronomy program that meets the nutritional needs of your herd.
Icon of  Customized Service
Customized ServiceOur commitment to customized service doesn’t stop in the field. We work with you to understand your needs and deliver custom solutions to help you achieve your goals.
Icon of  Elite Seed Products
Elite Seed ProductsChannel® Fortified Silage products are designed to fortify performance from the field to the milk tank. Our elite breeding program balances fiber digestibility, starch, yield and flexibility to meet your agronomic needs and nutritional goals.

Your Goals, Our Guidance

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Get Fortified Recommendations From Your Channel Team

Your Channel team is with you every step of the way, helping you maximize forage quality and production efficiency with best practices from seeding to feeding.

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"The quality of the products is great, but the flexibility is even better. We can make a move in-season. We can always find a fit. We've had a lot of success growing Channel® products through many different growing seasons."

Josh Waddell, Pennsylvania dairyman and Channel farmer

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