Bayer offers a broad range of fungicides, including corn fungicides, soybean fungicides, wheat fungicides, grape fungicides and more.

Bayer Fungicides

Bayer fungicides deliver consistent control and are proven to reduce the likelihood of yield loss, helping growers bring healthy crops to harvest and higher margins to their books. Our products offer a wide variety of fungicidal benefits, with multiple modes of action that protect crops throughout the growing season.

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Featured Fungicides

Delaro® Complete
Featured product
  • Consistent Disease Control
  • Higher Yield Potential
  • Improved Plant Health
Prosaro® PRO 400 SC
Featured product
  • Contains 3 effective active ingredients
  • Curative and preventative activity
  • Helps deliver a healthy, green crop without impacting harvest
  • Multiple modes of action
Featured product
  • Exceptional Efficacy
  • Systemic Movement
  • Unique Chemistry
  • Extended Protection
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