IPM Potato Portfolio — Stage 1:


Before kicking off your potato growing season, create an agronomic force field to proactively protect your yield before you put seed in the soil. Below, you can learn more about the key pests and diseases, such as root-knot, stubby-root and lesion nematodes, white mold, Colorado potato beetles, aphids, and psyllids. Plus, hear from potato industry experts to learn about best practices for planning.
New Product Spotlight

Velum® Rise Fungicide/Nematicide for Potatoes

Meet the newest member on the Force in the Field team – Velum® Rise defends against key soil-borne diseases like rhizoctonia and black dot (and suppresses nematodes, too) throughout the entire season.

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Product Showcase – Pre-Planting

Seed Treatment FungicideEmesto® Silver Fungicide*
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  • Emesto Silver is an innovative potato seed treatment fungicide that controls seed and soil-borne disease and promotes early crop establishment and plant vigor.
InsecticideAdmire® Pro Systemic Protectant*
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  • Controls several key insects and helps stop transmission of certain vectored viral diseases in several crops

* Product is eligible for the Bayer PLUS Potato program.

Bayer PLUS Potato

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.

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