IPM Potato Portfolio:

A Force in the Field

75-Day IPM Potato Program

The Bayer family of products are powerful enough to become a force, providing protection for your potatoes throughout their first 75 days when they’re most vulnerable to pests and diseases. Bayer’s 75-Day Integrated Pest Management Program creates an agronomic force field around potato crops from planting through harvest.
New Product Spotlight

Velum® Rise Fungicide/Nematicide for Potatoes

Meet the newest member on the Force in the Field team – Velum® Rise defends against key soil-borne diseases like rhizoctonia and black dot (and suppresses nematodes, too) throughout the entire season.

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Luna Pro

Tackle white mold with the new defensive all-star.

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Bayer PLUS Potato

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.

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