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Vios FX is the first Group 2 graminicide with an EC formulation, which means it mixes well with other herbicides. In addition to delivery tank mix flexibility, the EC formulation helps deliver a great grower experience. Vios FX is easy to handle and mix, allowing for straight forward tank and boom cleanout.

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Mixing Options At Your Fingertips

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See what cereal experts have to say about Vios FX cereal herbicide.

"Weed resistance continues to create challenges for wheat growers.

Vios FX enables growers to customize their weed control to address the challenges they face in specific fields.”

-Madison Riggle, US Cereals and Broadacre Marketing Segment Manager

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Tank Mix Options From the Huskie® Family

Cross Spectrum Control

Formulated to deliver optimal control of multiple broadleaf weeds and grasses, Vios FX is a great tank mix partner to tackle several tough weeds.

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Bayer PLUS Rewards

Joining a program of over 70+ products, Vios FX is eligible for Bayer PLUS Rewards. Get more from your crop and your investment this season.

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