2022 National Wheat Yield Contest | WestBred® Wheat Winners

NWYC Winner Kurt Druffel

Birdsall Grain & Seed LLC

A Trio of Trophies for JC Farms

Winning with WestBred®

Planting with Purpose

Regional Advice for Winter Wheat Planting

Strategies for a Successful Spring Wheat Season

Northwest Region Plot Tour

WB1621 (Part 1:3)

WB1720 (Part 2:3)

WB1922 (Part 3:3)

Meet Our 2021 National Wheat Yield Contest Winners

We celebrated our National Wheat Yield Contest winners at the 2022 Commodity Classic in New Orleans. Listen as they share their strategies for harnessing the power of the season.

From Foundation to Registration

What You Should Know About CSO

Peter Comis, WestBred® Wheat Regional Commercial Manager, and Dave Garrett with AgriMax discuss how wheat seed moves from foundation to registered WestBred® CSO seed.

What You Should Know About CSO

WestBred® Wheat Regional Commercial Manager - Northern Region, Peter Comis, is giving you what you need to know about CSO.

Basics of Wheat Management

WestBred® Wheat Regional Commercial Manager - Southern Region, Lance Embree, is discussing all things wheat management. Get to know the basics in this episode of Tiller Talk.

Harvest – An End to the Season and the Start of the Next

Join Lance Embree as he looks back on the season and discusses what growers should be considering for their operation.

Growth Stage Wheat

Join WestBred Technical Product Manager Grant Mehring as he properly shows how to access growth stage wheat from planting to harvest.

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